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Secure Emails

Sending and receiving secure emails

Emails often contain confidential information that is solely intended for the recipient. Nevertheless, many companies do not realise that emails are hardly protected. Therefore, experts often call them digital postcards. You should encrypt your emails if you want to make sure that your emails actually reach only the intended recipient. How does it work? Very simple.

Encrypted Email Features

The encrypted email in your company

Firstly, it is important that the confidential email can be easily integrated into the existing IT architecture of the company. Your employees must be able to use the email encryption easily in any email communication. Regimail is a special software for secure emails that comes as an Outlook Tool or Lotus Notes Tool, and as a stand-alone version for Windows, MacOS or Linux. As a Web-based solution, it can easily be integrated into popular email programs. Mobile apps facilitate use on mobile phones, e.g. the iPhone, Android phone or BlackBerry.

Email Encryption

Email encryption: Data is only visible to the receiver

By the way, the email provider does not have access to your data. By encrypting your emails you ensure that only the recipient can read the contents. Our email encryption applied provides even greater security than De-Mail or E-Post mail. Make a direct comparison! On you can see all security criteria at a glance and choose according to your business needs.


Send emails by registered mail

The email encryption makes every email a registered one. When sending, receiving, as well as acknowledgement of receipt and the filing of read emails it is ensured that the recipient is entitled to do so. These operations run in the background without being noticed by the sender. The sender composes, sends and receives secure emails via any of his/her email addresses. He/she will also automatically receive a read receipt or a follow-up message when the email is not read. All steps are simple: The transaction history documents each dispatch.

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