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Datafant is offered for those who value German data privacy standards, even for data in the Cloud. Use our cloud as a secure and readily available memory location. Whether it’s business documents or personal documents, or even pictures and videos; protect your files from data loss.

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From2,99 /month *
  • 250 GB storage
  • Storage location Germany Germany
  • Mobile apps available
From19,00 /month *
  • 2500 GB storage
  • Storage location Germany Germany
  • Mobile apps available
From19,00 /month * 2
  • from 2500 GB storage
  • Storage location Germany Germany
  • Mobile apps available
Mobile availability
You'll find the Datafant app in the Apple, Android and Windows app stores.
File encryption
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Transfer through SSL encryption
File history
File versioning
File restoration
You can restore deleted files without any problems with DATAFANT. The storage required for this is deducted from your main storage.
Create sharing groups
Create read only folders
Create a read only folder for certain folders or users. The users configured for access can only read files in this folder, but not write them.
Create sharing files
Create sharing folders
Create a sharing folder for certain folders for further users. Invite the users via their personal email addresses.
Windows 7
The client required for this can be found in your customer centre under
Windows 8
The client required for this can be found in your customer centre under
The client required for this can be found in your customer centre under
Windows phone app
The app required for this can be found in the Windows app store.
iPhone / iPad app
The app required can be found in the Apple app store.
Android app
The app required can be found in the Google Play app store.
General product support - support center
General product support - email
General support for operating the product
Technical support - advisory email
Technical support for configurating systems - support via remote dial-in from MON-FRI 8am to 6pm
Technical support - advisory telephone
Technical support in the configuration of systems - from MON-FRI 8am-6pm
1 User inclusive
Cost per additional User
2,30 € / User *
2,30 € / User *
2,30 € / User *
2,30 € / User *
Automatic extension of the test version
After the test period has expired, the charges for the fee-based tariff will start to accrued if it's not cancelled in writing or in the customer centre at least 30 days before the end of the test period. -Your existing account including your server data will be automatically taken over.
Setup fee
Minimum contract term
Automatic extension of the contract by a further 12 months if it isn't cancelled in the customer centre at least 30 days before the end of the minimum contract term.
12 months
12 months
12 months
12 months
Billing period
Method of payment annually in advance
12 months
12 months
12 months
12 months
Notice period
1 month
1 month
1 month
1 month
Billing in advance

Payment by invoice possible on request with a monthly turnover of more than 150 ?

Authorities and large companies:

Payment by invoice possible

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1 after that 2,99 € / Month, if it's not cancelled in writing or in the customer centre.
2 Anzahl zusätzliche Benutzer: 0 user, Storage: 2500 GB

* All prices include 19% VAT

Cloud Memory Secures Data Access from Anywhere, Anytime

These days, many of our personal or business matters are processed digitally. Particularly in the commercial sector, there are extensive data collections that require adequately efficient data management. Experts often refer to ‘Big Data’ as meaning large amounts of data that are highly complex, disordered, or otherwise managed with traditional database entities. Regardless of the actual source of the data, it makes sense to include the Cloud to manage important documents, files, and other crucial data.

What is Behind Cloud Computing?

Although there is often talk of cloud memory and affiliated topics, few seem to know what to do with it. Organizing something through "the cloud" means retrieving or uploading certain data or programs through a standard Internet browser. Software or hardware is no longer needed to deal with larger data collections. What can be organized within the Cloud, who has access to it, and how the Cloud is designed depends on your own needs and demands. LANSOL offers cloud memory with the file-hosting service DATAFANT. DATAFANT is based on a network of countless servers in LANSOL's German Data Center, which form the basis for secure and accessible memory options. This way, regulations and protocols regarding data protection and security are in accordance with German laws and requirements. The cloud storage of DATAFANT is equally suitable for corporate and private customers.

Secure Access to Comprehensive Data

To understand the concept behind cloud storage, you should think of it as a special form of web space. The entire technical control, care, and maintenance of the space provided is in the hands of LANSOL. This ensures that the servers behind it are always working according to pertinent security standards and can be accessed by the customer. LANSOL Cloud Memory can easily be accessed from most-any popular mobile or fixed device.

In this way, the storage space can easily be bundled out, for example, by releasing specific folders or separate files for selected individuals. The control by means of the intuitively acting administration user interface would also be possible to enable the type of release only in the form of a read access. This makes it possible to securely share files and documents of any kind with business partners, relatives, friends, or acquaintances. Regardless of everybody’s location, the hardware, software, or other prerequisites that would have to be met by conventional methods would not matter at all with the Cloud.

Ensure Security for Cloud Storage

LANSOL puts great emphasis in securing and protecting your data against unauthorized third parties. Cloud memory from DATAFANT is based on a redundant infrastructure in the backend, which is accompanied by routine backups. This makes it possible to, for example, easily restore deleted files or restore older versions of existing files. The entire hardware, located in certified-LANSOL Data Centers in Germany, is also secured by firewalls and SSL encryption. Securing data transmissions between Points A and B is not left to chance, but considered an absolute rule.

Highest safety Standards According to ISO 27001

Without question, data storage involves a lot of trust. That's why it's so important to rely on a provider like LANSOL: who does everything possible to secure documents and files stored in Cloud Memory. Filing within the cloud is always anonymous; folder organizing or file extensions are not visible. In fact, only you have full-access to your data.

To cover these protections, it is possible to create and deposit a separate, private deposit key. This can be done by the administrator of the cloud memory: which offers powerful encryption of data. It uses the AES-Standard (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a key length of 256 bits: the current gold standard in encryption technology.

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