1. Information about the responsible authority (§ 4e section 1 numbers 1-3 of the BDSG)

1.1 Information about the responsible authority

LANSOL® GmbH Data Centre: Rheingönheimerweg 13, D - 67117 Limburgerhof

1.2 Head of the responsible authority

Mr. Thomas Krug

Ms. Claudia Krug

1.3 Head of data processing

Mr. Thomas Krug

Mr. Thorsten Wild

1.4 Data protection agent 

Lawyer Peter Kaumanns, LL.M.

1.5 Address of the responsible authority

Rheingönheimer Weg 13, 67117 Limburgerhof / Ludwigshafen am Rhein

2. Information about automatic processing ••• (§ 4e section 1 numbers 4-8 of the BDSG)

2.1 The purpose of data collection, data processing or data use by the company is to facilitate the outsourcing of company data to tax advisors, auditors, companies and charitable institutions. Saving and data processing...

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